70 Beautiful Chairs Ideas For A Modern House

✔70 beautiful chairs ideas for a modern house 55

The Adirondack chair has been around since the early 1900s. It was originally designed by Thomas Lee in upstate New York when he was vacationing there. Originally called the “Westport Plank Chair,” it was made from eleven pieces of wood, all cut from a single board. It was made from hemlock, and was painted green or medium brown.

Traditionally, it is a chair with a contoured seat, flat back that is slanted backwards to accommodate the mountain inclines and sit more solidly, with wide, flat slats and armrests. It is an amazingly comfortable outdoor chair.

What makes this furniture so popular? Adirondack has persevered in the market, never going out of style, no matter what trends were popular at any given time. It has evolved into way more than just chairs. Now you can get a chaise, loveseat, ottoman, and all kinds of tables, all in that same, simple, relaxing, unpretentious style.

It doesn’t matter whether you are putting it out at your campsite, your log cabin, lounging on your patio, or barbecuing in your back yard…it always fits in, looks great, and is comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether your live in a country cabin or a palace; whether you have a small above ground pool or an olympic-sized in ground pool!


Maybe it’s the rustic, natural feeling and the memories of past and less hectic summer vacations that we used to have before the days when travel and cruises were an everyday occurrence. Colorfully painted, or just in white or redwood, Adirondack chairs will never go out of style.