45 Best Simple Dining Room Decorating Ideas

✔45 best simple dining room decorating ideas 36

A great way to get that perfect centerpiece is to have a plan. Think of the colors that should be incorporated, favorite characters, and accessories. Think about the theme of the house; will it be similar or unique? Having a plan is the best way to get what is wanted and keeping the cost down.

Colors are an important part of any decor. The most popular colors for Christmas are green, white, red, gold and silver. Pastel colors can be added to achieve a softer feel. Light purples, blues and greens give off the feeling of calm, piece and love. Think about the colors that give off the right feeling.

Now pick a favorite character. Santas and snowmen are always popular. Ms. Claus is another popular one and gives off the essence of caring and giving. A tip here is to use a smaller figure, if this is to be used as a centerpiece for the dining table. Nobody wants to have to look over or around the centerpiece while talking to someone on the other side of the table.

Accessories can be anything from hurricanes to pinecones. Hurricanes are great because of the candle that they can hold. Pinecones are always in Christmas decor and a little fake snow makes them feel like Christmas. Ribbons are a nice addition to the centerpiece while they can be wrapped around or tied in a bow.


Last but not least are the napkins. A really interesting style is to use two different colors of napkins and make a star like shape. Start by laying one down parallel with the table and then turn the next one forty five degrees in either direction. Another great idea is to take the two colors and tie them together in a bow or other shapes.